My YC connection

It is always very sweet to receive a ‘Thank You’ note from a former employer, but nothing could be sweeter than the one that I got from Roby John today. June Inc. (aka Tap-To-Learn), the startup where I use to work till the early June of this year  is going to be a part of 2012 Winter Cycle of Y-Combinator. Roby broke the news to me on his mail this afternoon.

Letter from Roby

My heartfelt congratulation to all the team-members, who have put their hard-work to make it a success. YC is not the destiny itself, but is the start of an exciting journey. Hope there are more wonderful surprises stored for June Inc. in the road ahead.

What am I up to?

On March 31st I left Burrp and since April 10 I am working with an early stage startup, call June Software. I have moved from Mumbai to Pune (although still have the possession of the rented flat in mumbai) to join June.

June has an ambitious team of iPhone developers, who are trying to make big money in app-store. At June so far we have tried out our luck with Trivia/Reference/Utility/Educational apps. Our next stop could be 2D/3D gaming, social gaming or anything that could make us rich (don’t know if that attitude can really make us rich).

My personal projects have not made much progress since I last time mentioned them in my post .  I cannot find much time after my day job, so readerstub release has been delayed.  I have scraped (a SAAS product that already got some ready to buy customers) because of Twitter’s new policy against commercial tweets.   I hope soon  I’ll able to post some release news on the blog.

I will also start blogging  regularly and this time I will talk more about noSQL database than PHP.  I’ll not talk much about Objective C and Cocoa because it may violate my employment terms.

Last day at Burrp!

Today is my last day working at Burrp. I’ve been working at Burrp for almost two years now . During the past year I’ve contributed mostly as the data-mining  guy.

I’ll miss all the smart people at Burrp and I will continue to be in touch with them.

What will I do next?  Certainly I’m on a sabbatical vacation, but will  back in action  soon.  I have some plans and few job offers in hand,  but  I need some time to ponder over it.

As for my future plans… readerstub and campaingly will be live soon. May start working on again.

My new blog

I finally decided to move my blog from to a hosted wordpess. Since last week I took lot of decisions. Couple of them was difficult to take, but this was an easy one. I got the domain almost a year ago and since then it is parked on my server.  Finally I crack the energy barrier.

My intentions are to use this blog more like personal diary than a megaphone. My previous blog was just a lab journal, but here I will talk about everything that I think or feel.